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Automatic Inhalation Resuscitator

Breathing AIR Into Patients

What is AIR?

A bag valve mask is a device used by paramedics to provide ventilation for patients who are not breathing adequately, or at all. It has been shown there are inconsistent pumping rates between trained medical professionals, and specific volume requirements that are not being met consistently. AIR is a device that is compact, inexpensive, and capable of delivering consistent breaths to a patient through bag valve mask compressions. The objective is to reduce the amount of medical attention and expertise required to operate a bag valve mask.


This is an open source project. Files for CAD models, electrical schematics, code, and assembly instructions are available on AirWare.

We invite others to construct prototypes based on the existing files, or to make further improvements to the design. Requires a 3D printer and laser cutter for construction.


Consistent Breath Volume

Adjustable Settings

Easy to Use


At AIR, we are focused on creating a meaningful solution to a problem which could affect you or someone you know at any moment. First responders work tirelessly to ventilate a patient and keep them breathing until they get to a hospital. Often, these patients could have other serious injuries which need attention. A device such as the Automatic Inhalation Resuscitator could free up an additional set of hands for a paramedic to focus on and treat these injuries to provide a better care to their patient.

In underdeveloped countries, family members are often trained to perform manual ventilation using bag valve mask compression. As full size modern ventilators are not easily accessible in these locations, one may be forced to perform BVM resuscitation for hours at a time. Inconsistencies in breath parameters become even more significant when being operated by someone will less experience, for prolonged time. Our device could be used as a low cost alternative to a traditional ventilator, and provide much more consistent recuscitation.


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